Experienced Vocational Experts Located in Wisconsin and Minnesota

Available throughout the midwest

Wisconsin Return To Work Center offers 32 years of experience in professional vocational services including forensic services for personal injury, divorce, FELA, workers compensation, and ADA related cases. Other services include vocational evaluation, case management, job analysis, and job placement. 

The Experts at WRTWC regularly work in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa for a variety of cases including all of those listed above. 

We are a vendor in Minnesota and Wisconsin for Job Development, Job Placement, and Vocational Evaluation for vocational rehabilitation.

The goal of WRTWC as we work with our clients is dependent on the type of case, but otherwise in line with those of Vocational Rehabilitation; to return injured workers or people with disabilities to the workplace with the least amount of accommodation necessary.

Further descriptions of all of the services WRTWC offers are listed on the left.

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