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Vocational Resource Links

A collection of Websites compiled by our Experts

 Career Information Websites


Occupational Outlook Handbook 

        Describes jobs by requirements, environments and compensation.

America's Career Infonet 

        Similar to the OOH, but includes more specific titles and  easier searching.

Minnesota Labor Market Information 

        Employment trends broken into industry and unemployment.

Wisconsin Labor Market Information 

         Employment trends broken into industry and unemployment.


        This website offers salary information based on job title and geographic location.

O*Net OnLine 

        Attempts to break down jobs into required skills and abilities, and offers similar careers.

 My Next Move

        The O*Net Interest Profiler is a questionnaire designed to help find careers you would be interested in pursuing, and provides job research data.


Job Search Websites

National Job Sites



        A job search website with information and tips discussing all of the major job search websites.

National Websites for job search:

        When creating a profile on these websites it is possible to open up your resume to recruiters; which is             often a good way to find a job.


        The United States Federal Government lists all of their job openings on this website.



Wisconsin JobNet 

        This website offers Wisconsin job listings by region.

Wisconsin Job Center 

        Local job listings, and other state employment services.


        Wisconsin job search websites including state, county, town job searches.

Wisconsin Newspapers 

        Find your local Newspaper here and click on career or employment listings.




Minnesota JobWorks

        This website offers Minnesota job listings by region.

Minnesota Job Center

        Local job listings, state, county, and town, as well as other state services.

Minnesota State Jobs 

        Minnesota state job openings.


        Website for Minnesota jobs, as well as information on job fairs and events.

Minnesota Non-Profit Jobs 

        Jobs within the non-profit sector in Minnesota.

Minnesota Newspapers

        Search for your local newspaper and find the employment listings.

Other Informational Websites


Job Search Assistance


Resume Help

        This site offers resume assistance as well as templates and examples.

Cover Letter Help

        Assistance writing cover letters, with examples and assistance.

 Interview Assistance

            This document offers a list of frequently asked questions during an interview, fill it out prior to the interview to prepare for the questions that will be asked.

College Search Assistance


College Board

        College Board offers assistance locating training programs based on interests, location.


    This website lists scholarships of all types, searchable by school or program. 

Student Loan Information

Loan Consolidating Information 

Federal Direct Loan Consolidation