Vocational Expert Testimony

Our Vocational Experts can determine Employability by conducting an interview and testing, if required.

Employability is determined by the following:

  • Physical limitations given by a doctor
  • Work experience and/or educational background
  • Available labor market the surrounding area
  • Return to work options at previous employers

Vocational Expert Testimony allows for more accurate settlements and determinations of Earning Potential.

Earning Potential can be established in cases when:

  • A client does not have any work history
  • Past underemployment exhibits lower income, despite other training or abilities
  • Injury to a young child, severely affecting future Earning Capacity

Please contact our office with any questions regarding Vocational Expert Testimony.

The Experts:

Kenneth E. Ogren, M.S.

Jesse R. Ogren, M.S.

Our vocational experts have worked in a wide variety of court cases such as: divorce, personal injury, FELA, and worker's compensation among others.