Social Security Disability Insurance

Ken Ogren is a Vocational Expert in the appeals process for SSDI and has been since 1976.

In 2009, Jesse Ogren became a Vocational Expert for SSDI. 

The Experts have testified in hearings across the United States.

  • WRTWC's expertise in SSDI has helped advocates prepare to represent applicants in hearings 
  • Applicants have been helped through all steps of the application process
  • In 2000, a manual was produced by WRTWC to direct applicants through the SSDI process 


Below is the Social Security Website for more information. 

WRTWC has expert knowledge of the SSDI process obtained over the past 33 years.

Applicants for SSDI often wait two years to have their appeal heard in front of an Administrative Law Judge. 

Most applicants are turned down at the initial stage of the process.