Job Placement and Development

WRTWC's Job Placement and Development services work to find new positions for injured workers and other clients by:

  • Researching job openings and calling local contacts to discover employment options
  • A resume is completed for the client and necessary job applications are filled out to present the client to employers
  • Client is given tips as they complete practice interviews to ensure success in live interviews

The Job Placement procedure utilizes Vocational Resources offered on our site as well as local resources such as State Job Centers and Vocational Rehabilitation programs.

The essential goals of Job Placement and Development for injured workers are to return the person to:

1) Same Job, Same Employer

2) Same Job, Different Employer

3) Different Job, Same Employer

4) Different Job, Different Employer

Following this path allows for the least amount of Vocational Adjustment in the Return to Work Process.

Contact our Job Placement Specialist:

Colie Schmid                           

WRTWC uses the local labor market combined with the unique training and work experiences of the client to find suitable employment options.