Job Analysis 

WRTWC completes Job Analysis by examining the requirements of a job. Occupational information can be found in job resources such as the Dictionary of Occupation Titles, O*Net, and the Occupational Outlook Handbook, but on-site analysis allows for more specific analysis.

Visiting a potential job site determines:

  • The amount of weight required to lifted and carried
  • The amount of time to be spent standing or sitting 
  • The type and amount of use of the arms
  • If stairs, ladders, or working at heights is required
  • The speed required to work competitively

These measurements and observations can determine:

  • Whether accommodations would be appropriate or possible, such as stool or adaptive equipment
  • What type of ergonomic equipment would be possible in the particular work station
  • The appropriateness of a client in a job based on physical limitations and requirements

WRTWC's vocational experts complete on-site Job Analysis to discover the essential and non-essential job functions of a position.