Career Exploration

WRTWC works with clients to narrow vocational goals by exploring careers by following these steps:

  • Teaching clients to use various on-line resources to determine available training programs in their area
    • Pointing clients to job information websites to learn more about the careers that result from training programs
  • Assessing the job market with the client, to determine whether employment exists within their intended field
    • Determining whether training programs are required, or available in their area
  • While researching places of employment within their career field, client will set-up interviews with employees working within the capacity of their goal
    • These informational interviews will give the clients first hand knowledge of the work environment they are pursuing
  • WRTWC will work to prepare the client for their career once it has been discovered, via Case Management

Career Exploration is an important step in the Return to Work Process, that can increase the likelihood of successful placement when done properly.